Scent of drunkenness in Brantôme, "Le Savon Ivre" at the Hôtel Charbonnel

Scent of drunkenness in Brantôme, "Le Savon Ivre" at the Hôtel Charbonnel

The Charbonnel hotel and restaurant is part of Brantôme's heritage landscape, with its imposing facade and panoramic terrace along the Dronne river.

This little jewel, a subtle blend of contemporary spirit and Périgord tradition, pays tribute to its ancestors.

Push open the front door and treat yourself to an interlude that cultivates comfort and well-being.

To take this notion of well-being a step further, our customers will find a handmade, local soap in their bathroom. "Le savon Ivre

Made by Carol in Paussac and Saint-Vivien (24310), our natural soaps, handmade by cold saponification, respect all the issues facing the world today. Respect for biodiversity, respect for climate change, respect for the environment.

Ivre soap works with raw materials, most of which are organically grown. Olfactory fragrances are obtained using essential oils or natural perfume compositions. All our soaps are enriched with precious organic oils such as argan oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter... 

What's more, cold saponification requires little energy and helps protect the environment, as all the ingredients are easily assimilated by wastewater treatment plants.


Le savon Ivre has chosen minimalist packaging to reduce waste, made from recyclable food-grade cardboard, on which all ingredients are listed using the mandatory nomenclature (INCI), translated into French for easier understanding by all.

We at the Charbonnel Hotel are very proud of this collaboration with Ivre soap.

What we have in common is a passion for a job well done, for meeting people, for sharing, for respecting the product and for transparency.